When is the Optimal Time to Attend the Next ShredderFX Class?


The first thing to realize (and hopefully the main ShredderFX.com site illustrates this) is that the ShredderFX program is NOT just a program teaching a model. Six years ago, we started out that way, but soon realized that in order to trade ANY model (nonetheless one that actually works because it is pretty much the only one based on the proven way price movement occurs), a trader needs a full body-of-knowledge relative to trading.

We get so many traders that tell us they know how to trade, but just need a strategy that really works. The reality is, very few folks have the true knowledge-set required to be a successful, profitable trader. That's not intended to sound harsh, but just our reality having been affiliated with thousands of traders.

So to the question ... "What is the best time get started?". This question typically comes from the fact that sometimes we will post a date of the next Intro Class on the ShredderFX.com website. Unlike other programs, we have an ongoing schedule. There is no need to "wait" to join our program until one-day before that next class.

Our program consists of eight (8) classes, and equally important, ongoing daily coaching sessions ... (see details of OCR's at the main ShredderFX.com site). In those OCR's, we elaborate on what we teach in the classes, as well as review trades on a daily basis.

That first Intro Class is rather intensive, full of information where we walk you through how price movement actually works, so you understand WHY you will be learning the Shredder model (as it is based on how price moves). But trust me, regardless of your previous trading background, your head will be spinning by the end of the day you attend that class.

So, to accommodate schedule conflicts and information overload, we created the PAT (PipClub Archived Training) Library. Here, we have video archives of the very same classes which are taught live, real-time, by trading-instructors. So now, there is no "timing" of when to purchase, trying to align it with the next scheduled live class. Join now, start training now. It's that's simple!

Stop "getting ready to get ready", and take some action. NOW. >>>>>> ShredderFX.com


Look, if you are just looking at the Forex as a "maybe" thing ("I'll give this a try and see what happens"), we don't want your money, because you aren't going to make it.

If you see our price-tag as expensive, you aren't getting the picture. The most expensive training you can take is (1) trying to learn yourself; (2) taking trading from someone teaching in the old paradigm; (3) despite months (or even years) of looking, continuing to seek the Holy Grail.

Our training, with ALL that we give you, is some of the least expensive training in the market. And the reality is, while we are not out to break records to get you to live trading (trading real money), when we do, you'll probably be making a lot more than if you took any other path ... so in the end, our training is merely an investment, that can pay itself back many fold, while others are still playing with those $97 ebooks or trading robots waiting to start making money!

We only want traders who are 100% sold-out on the Forex as their financial delivery vehicle. But we will tell you, even of those committed, many will fail. So we only want the truly strong ones, the ones who will persist in spite of the obstacles ... the ones who understand they aren't going to attend a class on Friday and be trading on Monday ... to those who are "coachable", and willing to follow directions to achieve success as a trader. If that's you, then take your Forex journey to the next level. If it's not, honestly, we don't want your money.

So if you are indecisive about WHEN you should attend our class, just don't bother. Indecision IS a decision. At this point, having reviewed ShredderFX.com, you should see we are different. We care about one thing, and that is YOU becoming the best trader possible. So if you are not READY to be that NOW, just go ahead and close out this page, and keep Googling "Forex Holy Grail". On the other hand, if you ARE ready to step-up to the plate and do the work, we've got THE program for you!

Disregard the date of that next live class ... start TODAY .... ShredderFX.com