A Little About Steve

None of this is necessary, but I just provide it for those that enjoy a little more background info ...

The last several years have seen incredible growth in the retail Foreign Currency Exchange market (the "Forex"). And as is usually the case, this means an incredible growth in the number of folks who are "out there" exploiting the increasing demand.

Unfortunately, what can be readily witnessed, is that many of the folks marketing within this industry are just that, nothing but marketers. Very few of these marketers (IMHO) have any real solid understanding of the fundamentals and foundations of trading, nonetheless the particulars of the currency market. Unfortunately, what this means is even some of the leading (by volume) Forex education companies create seminar leaders, skilled in the art of creating fear-of-loss ("If you don't act today..."), merely to create a seminar or course sale, but are not traders. They've been taught to look like traders, but they are really seminar leaders. 

Then there are MLM-based Forex education companies whose executive management team are hired operations and marketing professionals, and never traded live with their current student traders. How crazy is that?

There are also companies that have "live-trading" rooms, wherein they make trading calls (provide entries and exits), but really are not teaching you how to trade. You might as well subscribe to signal service and avoid the time staring at their chat room window waiting for the trader to show up and make a call. Sheesh! Of course, I applaud those that are trading, share their trading, teach newer traders how they are trading to make profits, and share signals in that fashion!

Let's not even talk about the "trading robot per day" that shows up in our mailboxes ... each one promises to make us millionaires while we are off fishing or sleeping at night. Unfortunately, these "Internet marketers" (that's all I really see 99% of the robot market as) attempt to entice you with emotional appeal.

Accordingly, individuals who are considering becoming currency traders have no way to differentiate legitimate assistance from those who are there to exploit a ripe situation and pocket some fast cash. It's no wonder many potential Forex traders actually turn away from the market. The second reason some traders leave the market is because they perceive the Internet to be the 'end all' - and they are going to be 'self taught'. You will not learn to trade currency on your own. It's just not going to happen (again, IMHO ... but after observing thousands of traders to gain that opinion). Maybe one in a thousand will be able to do it. Too many things come into play ... the time commitment, non-legitimate sourcing (BS from amateur traders posted in forums and traders' message boards), life's obstacles ... but most importantly, you need an experienced trader's eyes to help guide you ... and that's why coaching is so very vital to your Forex success.

ANYONE, who EVER achieved ANYTHING of substance in life had a coach. Just go to your local bookstore or library, pick a genre (sports, business, etc.) and read the autobiographies of any of the 'greats', and you will note every one of them had their mentors. Do you really think you are going to tackle one of the most sophisticated markets on your own and rewrite the history books? Trading comes down to having the discipline to emotionally master probabilities. Why would you risk the lowest of all probabilities of success by attempting to self-teach currency trading? And, if your biggest excuse is you don't have the budget for proper training, then you are not ready for the Forex to begin with and should avoid it until your budget can afford it. 

Well for background ...  I love outdoor activities ... tennis, shooting hoops, throwing footballs, beach roaming, kicking soccer balls or playing softball at the park, mountain hiking, swimming, and flying. I have four children - two older (20-somethings) and 2 younger (12 and 10) that keep me busy (especially since they are now on opposite coasts). I totally enjoy anything with expanding my "self" ... been a student of human-potential for a couple of decades. I love business stories, the Internet (but not a junkie), and DVR'ing my favorite sitcoms, football games, Discovery, NatGeo, History channel kind of stuff ...  I love colonial history, natural resources (can't get enough of our national and state parks). I've been a coach in some capacity most of my life ... be that being a parent (the ultimate coaching challenge... LOL), or raising mid-level managers to senior executives, or actually a true coach for several sports teams. I enjoy the transfer of knowledge and experience to others, and seeing them benefit from that transfer. It's just a natural that I take my passion for the Forex and trading to others.

Professionally speaking, I've been riding the fence between technology and marketing most of career, never outright committing to being a hard-core engineer type, nor a full-blown sales type ... but riding that thin line in between. Put it this way... I'm probably the most-marketing savvy technician, but there are much better marketers. Flipping the coin, I'm probably the most technical marketing person out there, but am at the lower end of that technology scale when compared to those that have devoted their full energies to that arena.

I'll skip the myriad collection of jobs, venture start-ups, and F500 positions that have made up my career ... we all have those experiences at some level. But, where I do have some unique experiences, relevant to the financial services market, may be of interest.

If I Create TRUST ... You'll Explore Shredder Trading

I think it's important that you know something about me, and why you can trust my recommendation to use Shredder. In the first round of real mega-growth in the computer industry boom, in the late 80's and 90's, I was blessed with both timing and incredible vision ... and was able to foresee HUGE MARKET TRENDS before others even had a clue. I was fortunate to have been able to act on many of those visions ... creating products and businesses that exploited the trends before (and as) they hit. The real interesting part of my success was that I didn't have specific niche skills, education, or training. I just started from scratch each time, and let the reality of the vision drive the success. While the following examples are detailed, that is by design. It's important for you to understand why my recommendation to you today is not just Internet-marketing BS, but my complete and sincere attempt to let you in on something that is going to rock the Forex trading marketplace. I need for you to understand just why you want to take my advice and at to understand there is some merit to what I want to tell you about in regards to Shredder, Harmonic Wave Convergence, and the Forex. That being said, let's look at a few relevant successes in my past...

- Pioneering Distribution Channels

I was working as a contractor to the EPA for almost 5 years, using the latest mainframe digitized mapping technologies, to pinpoint and quantify ambient water pollution in the U.S. In a mere coincidence, I met someone who, when they heard what I was doing, said they knew of a start-up that was trying to create this same kind of technology (digitized mapping) on the emerging PC platform. In short order, I was working with Jeff Carter, who was bringing mapping technologies he used to manage his father's Presidential Campaign, to the PC. I saw the vision of where this could go, and we ended up having the very first PC-based GIS systems. I knew that such a product had mass appeal in certain segments, so I embarked on building one of the first dealer-based distribution channels for PC software in the country. The product was very successful, and allowed users to do things that historically cost them tens-of-thousands of dollars to do. But the REAL significance of this particular experience was what I learned in being able to visualize, predict, and then exploit, the market for a specific desktop application. Not a financial product, but the spring-board to put me in the financial marketplace.
- Profiting from Market Trends

As I was achieving success for STATMAP in the distribution channel, a group of "in their garage" software developers approached me and asked me to help them take their product to the masses. They had taken their vision and developed an incredible product, which would allow the everyday person, with NO experience, to successfully play the stock market. They used sophisticated modeling, and exploiting the emerging technology on the desktop, they had developed technical analysis tools that would let anyone be a winner on Wall Street. I was totally amazed, and realized that the financial marketplace was a market that was not being addressed by software developers. Here was a market totally based on numbers, and it didn't take too much insight to realize this was the place to take emerging desktop applications. I had NO skills, knowledge, experience, or understanding of any of the financial markets at this time, and in 3 months I had their product selling in most major computer outlets around the country. I took a vertical niche product and made it mainstream. Wall Street Window became the de facto "standard" for individual investors trading stock. We had testimony after testimony of people, totally lay people, who used our product to make incredible money on Wall Street. I considered this experience my personal "beta" for testing the desktop financial marketplace.
- Profiting from Real Time Financial Data

It didn't matter that I wasn't a Wall Street guru, I clearly saw the vision for the financial marketplace and the fact that individual investors who were willing to pioneer the emerging technologies could have incredible profits. While I was doing the launch of WSW (above), Lotus took notice and introduced me to one of their technological marvels of the day. They had FM-sideband technology that could deliver real-time quotes via a small radio receiver plugged into a PC. Their program used this real time data and allowed everyday stock traders to take advantage of real-time fluctuations in market prices to make huge windfalls. The problem, however, was that MS Windows wasn't robust enough yet (it was, but the average person didn't have the computing power to run it), so PC users could only work with, and look at, one program at a time on their computer. I quickly grasped the power of Lotus' technology, but realized it could really soar if I could allow the lay trader (stocks, commodities, bonds, whatever) to operate other applications on their computers, with real-time alarms and financial data running in background. I designed and created Quotes!, the first PC-based task-switching program, to pull Lotus' real-time data feed. Now, a user could be in their word-processor and receive an audible trading alarm (buy, sell, etc.) and "task over" to Quotes! for the detail. In other words, they didn't have to sit glued to their financial data all day long and not have access to their PC for other programs. in today's world, we don't think twice about things like this, as computing power and Windows does all this for us. The product sales were incredible, and Lotus was soon helping us market our product to the masses (it helped to sell their technology). I site-licensed this software to almost a dozen Wall Street Brokerage houses, and six months earlier couldn't even spell "option". I learned it wasn't about specific knowledge or experience, but the ability to have a vision and just act on it.

While I was busy getting the channel to adopt both Quotes! and Wall Street Window, I realized there was EVEN MORE opportunity for the everyday person to benefit in the financial marketplace from the continued emerging technologies with the PC. Again, with no experience or knowledge, I interviewed hundreds of financial services professionals (the good old days flying back and forth to NYC on NY Air was such fun!), and built a product that allowed the lay person to use real-time and historical data to monitor, update, and manage complex portfolios. It was "the next evolution" in a financial services product. I looked at what the professionals used on their mainframes, and created a product that worked on the desktop for the lay person. PC Magazine got wind of it, and invited me to submit it for review and compete against other products. For their annual review of financial marketplace software, they reviewed 48 products, eliminated all but 16, and end up giving my product the coveted PC MAGAZINE Editor's Choice Award. This distinction is important, because at the time of my review and award, PC MAGAZINE looked at sales, customer satisfaction, customer service, value, truth in advertising (does the product do what the advertising says it will do?), overall functionality and performance, and uniqueness in the marketplace. In order to get the top honor, you had to rate the highest, across-the-board, on all categories. Remember, 6 to 9 months earlier, I knew nothing about Wall Street; now I was producing products for the financial world that were being recognized as the "creme de la creme". It's not what you know, it's what you see and act upon.

Oh there's much more, but I think you are getting the idea ... I am a man of vision and action, and I create success with my ventures!

There's more, but really, how much do you want to read? Okay, twist my arm. I also received a Compaq Distinguished Dealer Award, for being in the Top 2% nationwide in both sales and customer satisfaction (I love it when they actually do the customer polling themselves, because they evaluated the promises we made and how well we kept them). As with Shredder, I am telling you there is something very special about Harmonic Wave Convergence that the masses of traders have not yet discovered, it's your choice to exploit that our not. But you can trust me when I tell you that opportunity is REAL.

Can I handle a growing company? Well, I did take over a losing company in my career, and 18-months later it got an INC500 Fastest Growing Company Award.  :)  It's always just come down to having an idea, or vision, and then acting on it. In the case of trading the Forex, I KNEW there had to be something MORE than what 99.99% of traders who are marketing systems had to offer.

Discovering the Forex, I went to work once again realizing where the impact could be made. I first affiliated with one of the largest Forex education providers in the world, becoming one of the top producers consistently for over 18 months. In this effort, I also realized the amount of pure garbage that was "out there" and so I evolved a very unique trading model (the birth of Shredder), which consistently delivers significant returns each month, and then went about creating a trading team who actively trade this model (see TESTIMONIALS link on main Shredder website page). 

I've discovered the factors that create market price movement, and in fact these factors (reduced to trading models) work hand-in-hand with Elliott Wave. This reality has reduced itself to repetitive, harmonic patterns which land "to-the-pip" on our price targets, time after time (on any pair, during any trading session).  Once you witness the pips our ShredderFX products generate, you'll know what mean.

The essence of being a successful trader and marketing a model is to find strategies that are both successful (duplicatable from trainer to student), as well as meet the parameters of your lifestyle requirements. We provide both a shorter-term and longer-term strategy using these market harmonics that define price, so no matter what your criteria, we have a solution.

The most recent history, prior to actively marketing Shredder, I had been retained as the Director of Training and Development by a major Forex Portal company in the market. This put me in partnership with some of the best traders in the world, folks who have ALREADY successfully and personally traded and more importantly, have been able to transfer their knowledge to over 12,000 traders globally. With Shredder, we are all about trading. So, when you affiliate with us, your hooking up with traders (who like to coach others to success) who truly understand the market AND have the skills to teach you the same - we're not seminar leaders or slick marketers.  

NOW... I didn't go through lengthy discussions (above) regarding my visions and successes in the financial marketplace to brag, because anybody that gets to their middle-ages in a professional career will have as many (probably more) distinctions ... but some of my history is rather specific, and very relevant to moving you and ShredderFX to incredible places! I don't see dead people, but  

I Can See Major Trends BEFORE They Happen...

I have a strong vision in recognizing technology, trends, and massive-growth opportunities in the financial industry ... a vision that previously has created BIG WINS for the folks who participated with me. And, I KNOW, right now, we're beyond the vision of rewriting the Forex trading paradigm ... it's a reality. This time; however, YOU can join me, and ride an incredible market-trend to financial freedom.

Now YOU Can Profit From The Next 
Trading Paradigm in the Forex...


Look, I've stumbled on to something about the Forex that is absolutely incredible ... Harmonic Wave Convergence. I've stumbled onto it at a time when no one else has ... so ANY TRADER, even with minimal vision, can see the possibilities and take action. You've had a brief introduction to my ability to capitalize on previous visions and spot major trends in the financial marketplace, and I'm telling you that I can see a major opportunity to profit by trading Harmonic Wave Convergence that hasn't hit yet, which will be as big as anything you or I were able to access with the Internet in the 90's. You just have to take action! Learn it. Trade it. And let your wildest dreams come true!

Right Now ...

So along comes ShredderFX, designed to help both new and existing traders discover the REAL opportunity within the Forex. We are not out to be the "world's largest" (as some of our competitors boldly promote), but rather we are totally out for ultimate success of the individual trader. As such, our offerings are designed to be the most effective approach to the Forex.

And while this page looks "All Steve", just realize my ability to help traders couldn't be done without Bryan "Pip Slam" Edwards, Shredder trader, and our lead coach. His trading experience with Shredder is awesome, but even more so, is his gifted ability to impart the wisdom of trading this model to others ... he truly captivates traders every day in our Online Coaching Room (OCR) sessions. He really is amazing, and has contributed greatly to Shredder's popularity and effectiveness. (side note to Bryan ... you're good, bro, "But no company car" ... LOL).

I am also a real believer in the "pay it forward" reality, and encourage all profitable traders to give back to the community by gifting 10% of their profits to the charity of their choosing. I have a mid-term goal of establishing a foundation where Forex traders can unite and touch the lives of others in large ways. But you and I will talk more about that later, I promise!

Summary ...

You have an opportunity to partner with successful traders, a group of powerful coaches - a seasoned team of traders who are skilled at teaching the intricacies of the currency market in ways no one else has yet ventured, and to associate with a proven trading team ...  If you're ready for the REAL DEAL in your Forex journey, we're here to help. We're merely a group of traders dedicated to helping other traders. Period.

Listen to the testimonials ... you'll see a consistent pattern in the comments!

May the Pips be with you,

Creator of ShredderFX

Dallas and Catriona, two of the big reasons I just love the Forex lifestyle !!!