, 2018

Are you FINALLY ready to make some REAL MONEY, CONSISTENTLY as a Forex trader? Are you ready to reclaim the vision you had when you were first introduced to the Forex? Are you sick of the road (that's going nowhere) that you've been taken down so far? Then it's time to get out of the old paradigm, step-up to Harmonic Wave Convergence, and transform your currency trading once and for all. Now, before the rest of this page may make sense to you, you may want to understand the underlying science ... the ONLY TRUE science of price movement. To do so, just watch the videos at www.HarmonicWaveConvergence.com

Greetings, my name is Steve (if interested, there's a link for more about me later at this website), and I am a Forex and Cruypto curreny trader and educator. Let's get one thing from the "Negative Nelly" gallery out of the way right at the start (because there's always one that will ask...) ... "So Steve, if you are such good trader, why are you selling a strategy on the Internet?" Ever hear of guy named "Donald Trump". Did you know he is a billionaire? Did you ever see him on late-night television, promoting and selling his real estate investment courses? I guess he just couldn't do a business deal so he has to revert to selling courses on infomercials [yes, sarcasm duly noted]. We do it because we can. We do it because it generates passive income while we do our principal business (for me, that means while I am working on trade set-ups or sleeping, or helping traders ... I can also be making money). And if you understanding ANYTHING about compounding, you will understand removing money from your trading account to live (life's expenses) you are doing the WORST thing a trader can do. We also do it to truly help other people. I've been a coach all my life ... be it in the corporate arena growing executive managers or coaching sports teams. Coaching is in my blood. Enough said. Get a life, please.


But I will tell you that I am totally different than just about any other trader promoting a course or program on the Internet, because I won't use smoke-and-mirrors to appeal to your emotional side. I despise that when it's done to me ... in turn, I won't do it to you. I won't insult your intellect at that level. But if you ARE serious about being a consistently profitable Forex trader, I will walk you through some pretty amazing realities, and then you can make an educated decision as to whether you wish to join me or not.

In fact, I'll tell you right up front, this promotional website is just as much, if not more, educational, than it is marketing. If you manage to read through everything, you'll see that's the case!

But without marketing hyperbole flowing, let me truly say, "You have never, ever, seen anything like this before."

It's hard for me to contain my passion, because what I've put together is something that has totally changed the way I trade ... and I didn't realize, until after-the-fact, that what happened is that I moved out of one trading paradigm and into another. And the one I left behind is the one that makes 95% of all Forex traders fail. And you can do exactly the same thing. But you are going to have to leave that old paradigm behind in order to move forward ... just understand, blindly following that old paradigm is why 95% of all traders fail. I am no great genuis and I surely cannot take credit for Shredder all by myself. You see, this system is very much a Frankenstein ... but the pieces all had something very distinctly and significantly the same, which is why when "re-assembled" in Shredder, they yield the results that they do ... and that something special is that all the pieces, in some way, touch on the reality of how price moves in the market on the charts ... and that is something very, very few traders have ever witnessed.

So, right from the start, I am going to disclose the fact that you will not be able to buy my program today, and be trading it tomorrow. Those that will convince you otherwise in their promotions also have some great swampland in Florida they'd like to sell you. The reality is, trading the Forex is a life skill ... and like all life skills, you are going to need quality education, practice, a lot of repetition, reinforcement and encouragement, and someone who truly cares about your long-term success. Our Shredder Program is all that ... and more.

I'm going to get right in your face and help you understand something ... you cannot buy a Holy Grail system. Your ego may have you believing that you know enough about trading, and the only thing you are missing is that special setting for the MACD and the CCI, and which moving average cross to use on what time period, or some green-light red-light dashboard based upon the latest artificial intelligence neural-trading pattern recognition software, or whatever ... in other words, at this point, you feel that all you need is "the model" to trade, and then you will find trading success. Of course (and unfortunately) there are many marketers who understand this reality, so they will feed your ego's thoughts, and entice you with great emotional appeal to attract you to their trading model that makes such great pips or such great dollars and all but convince you that is all you need to retire on mounds of pips (and then on top of it all - in order to create fear-of-loss or fear-of-forfeiture, they'll have a counter at their website and tell you there's only 1,000 copies available ... so after all, you better buy that thing right now before it's taken off the market!). But guys, it's not their model or system or robot that you really need. You need to be a complete trader. And while this website will share the science and strategy we use, understand it is wrapped-into our training which is designed to transition you into that complete trader. Only then may you possibly find consistent profits and the kind of financial reward you first dreamed about having with the Forex. So if you are looking to purchase something today, trade it tomorrow, and quit your job next week ... I really don't want your money, because it would be disingenuous to suggest that was possible. Trading currency IS a life skill, and it will take some time. If you are ready to accept that fact AND are looking at what might probably be the BEST vehicle to do it, then I want to welcome you to the REAL WORLD of currency trading ... and I invite you to join us for the remainder of your Forex journey.

Long before Shredder came along, I was just like every other green currency trade ... I felt the Forex held the answers for financial freedom ... and like most traders, after starting the process, I found that freedom was somewhat elusive. The hard part for me, was that I was doing what all the guru's said I should be doing. There's nothing more frustrating than following a path that leads nowhere. The trouble is, most of us were lead to believe the path we were being taken down would deliver our dreams. Unfortunately, reality prevails, and as my Granddaddy used to say " ...the proof is in the pudding ..." - most Forex traders fail.

So what do you do? You merely jump to the next "killer" system out there. But sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves. I recently noticed a very high-profile Forex trader who had marketed his third system in less than 2 months . Each one of the systems was "the answer" to Forex profits ... each system was selling only 1,000 copies ... and each system had the same templated website, bio information, etc. So I started to think, "If the system THIS WEEK is 'the answer', then the money I would have given him 6 weeks ago is wasted" (he surely wasn't offering credit for old purchases to buy the new product). And, "If the system I would have bought 6 weeks ago WAS the greatest strategy ever, what is he selling today?". And so it goes, most trading strategies being offered are merely marketing gimmicks - nothing but smoke and mirrors .. especially the ones that say, "We made 800 pips last month trading Super Forex Killer Master Profits Accelerator Machine".   :-) 

The reality is, every single one of the offerings I have seen on the Internet in the last year are all part of the Old Paradigm. It's trading "inside the box". And finding long-term, consistent success with those systems and strategies is going to be very frustrating, painful, expensive, and typically - elusive . So before you give up or burn-out on the Forex, let me share something with you .. it just may be the right time, for the right answer, for you.

Now, before I create an environment wherein I paint a picture like there was some overnight discovery, let me assure you nothing with what I am about to share occurred over night. What I am going to do is share a little with you about a strategy - a way of trading - that is called Shredder. Shredder gets its name from surfing, skate boarding, and snow-boarding lingo ... but it truly started with surfing. When you nailed a wave and milked it for what it had (cutting back and forth with the movement of the wave), you "shredded" that wave. Hence, a good surfer was a wave shredder. We borrowed the concept, because the reality is, Forex price does move in waves ... and once you master your understanding of that wave movement, just like the surfer, you will dominate the waves and be the master of your financial destiny.

Shredder has something that NO OTHER trading strategy in the market has, and that's the fact that it is 100% based on EXACTLY how price moves. Now, other traders may argue their marketed-creations do the same, but I would then challenge you to challenge them with the things I will point out here, right in front of your eyes. And by exploiting this reality, the Shredder trader may make 3X, 5X, even 10X the profit his fellow traders are making (in the same trades, with the same downside risk, starting with the same account balance, scoring the same number of pips!).

The first thing to know is that Forex price movement is defined. Price moves in harmonic channels. All day long, price just moves inside these channels. When price moves up or down rapidly, it merely jumps into the next price channel. We'll teach you how to use these price channels to your advantage. For now, just understand that they represent turn-arounds that you typically will not see with Pivots, trend-lines, even standard Fibonacci retracement levels. And that means you'll be seeing something (and using it to your advantage) that 99% of most traders don't even see!

Beyond moving in channels, there's even more things happening on those charts that most traders don't see. There are also very specific boundaries for trend turn-over on every time period chart. I reviewed 2,000 trend moves on four separate currency pairs over a two year span ... and looked at every moving average traded. I readily discovered (by magnitude over all the others) which moving average totally nailed market turnover. In fact, market turnover is so precise with this moving average that we've come to call it "the rolling Fibonacci", as whenever price consolidates or a trend change occurs, this moving average marks the spot. Once this was discovered, I soon found that this moving average held other powerful attributes, as well. For now, let's just understand that this moving average is a golden component of trading, as it is intricately related with precise harmonic movement of price, and very much correlated to Elliott Wave peaks and valleys.

But we're not going to do anything as Mickey Mouse as moving average crosses. They lag way too far (even a Jurik or Hull) to compete with the precision for entry that we have evolved with Shredder.

Just with these two things ... the unique market-turnover point and the channels that price move within, you are equipped with something that you've never had access to before, and this starts the foundation for why Shredder is so very powerful.

Tied-into the power of these golden components is a profit-taking system that is unparalleled in the Forex. Almost five years ago, I stumbled upon a targeting system that just seemed like it should work, but when plotting the targets and price action, I could see there was a pattern to just how those targets missed the exhaustion points in the trend. So with a little further study, I was able to revise how to implement that targeting system. The result is a targeting system (with 8 targets) that will typically nail 4 to 5 targets per move to-the-pip, and the remaining extremely close (excepting those that totally get blown through in a hyper-extended, impulsive move). For five years, I have challenged ANY trader to find me a more consistent and accurate targeting system ... if they did, I'd trade it. So far, that challenge has gone unmet. The reason this targeting system is laser-precise (again, 50% to 75% of the targets are met to-the-pip) is because it is 100% based on harmonic movement price moves through. This harmonic movement is a natural law, and like all natural laws, there are no exceptions ... Just like with the Law of Gravity, that apple will always fall from the tree. That means this price movement and targeting accuracy occurs 24-hours a day, on EVERY currency pair. Note the precision of these targets in the chart below.

Trust me, the first time you have these targets on your chart and you see price come up and kiss your target, you will just sit back and let out a sigh. So many traders have accepted that price moves randomly (and that may explain the results they are getting), but price truly moves with very defined harmonics - always has, and always will.

In addition to some of the unique attributes I've already pointed-out regarding price movement, there is one more major component to overview, and that is Harmonic Wave Convergence. Now first and foremost, let me bring some clarity to the discussion ... Harmonic Wave Convergence and harmonic chart patterns are NOT the same thing at all. Harmonic chart patterns (Such as the Gartley 222) are visual cues for price movement [side note: if you are into harmonic chart patterns, we'll give you the ability to be much, much more precise in your PRZ's].

Now, I'm going to get a little technical here, but don't let that scare you away, because all I am doing is explaining the science behind understanding price reversals. You don't need to know this in order to exploit it in your trading! The easiest way to explain it is to use Elliott Wave as an example. But wait, before you go off thinking we are all about Elliott Wave, we are not. We DO use the attributes inherent in Elliott Wave. We surely don't count waves at all for trade entry or profit-taking. There is just a natural component of Elliott Wave that we have compiled into something powerful.


At a simplistic level, Elliott Wave is all about understanding the structure of the wave movement at a particular level. It is very defined, with a stringent set of rules that defines the count.

But above, and below, the current wave count, are larger and smaller wave structures, respectively.

In our example here circled in red, we are looking at an Elliott Wave 3 termination (the blue waves). The important thing to note is that there is a smaller wave count underneath, as well (the purple waves).

As a result, you will note in the blue 2 to 3 move, there is a smaller, purple 1-2-3-4-5 move. Now here is the critical piece of information to understand ... that bigger level blue 3 wave CANNOT be complete until the lower level purple 5 wave is complete.

The challenge for most traders, is actually recognizing the counts at the various time periods and wave level, and being able to put it all together.

This is where Harmonic Wave Convergence takes over. While maybe 1 in 100 traders has the visual and mathematical processing ability to scan several time periods worth of charts to get an idea of where the wave count is, it's still going to be somewhat generic in the sense that identifying a precise area of exhaustion is very hard to accomplish. Otherwise, Elliott Wave would be ruling the charts today, and everyone would be trading it. Like almost EVERY OTHER trend exhaustion or reversal system, Elliott Wave targeting suffers from too large of a reversal area (excepting the 1 in 100 traders who can analyze sub-wave structure on the fly). But we don't need to worry about any of that with Harmonic Wave Convergence ("HWC"). We don't have to busy ourselves examining several different time periods of candles to attempt to get a count to know where we are.  

Consider this simple analogy ... when you are ticking down the last few seconds of the 4th quarter clock in a football game, you can see, very accurately, how much time is left in the 60-minutes of regulation play. You know when that 4th quarter clock reads 00:00, the larger, 60-minute game is over, as well. This is precisely how HWC works.

We measure Harmonic Wave Convergence with an indicator called MultiWave. MultiWave is very powerful, in that it gives us analysis from several time periods (not bar periods, but time periods) and compiles it, and rather than lagging indicators (like 99% of what most traders use), we have a real-time indicator. Over the last year, and many, many hundreds of trades, we have fine-tuned MultiWave to the harmonics at play. As a result, we have an indicator which SIMULTANEOUSLY measures the strength of the primary and subwave structures - at the same time, and allows us to visually see when they have BOTH gone to completion (or exhaustion). When they do, we have a reversal signal for trade-entry in a very precise zone. Note both the primary and subwave going to trend exhaustion in the example below.

At first, it was pretty easy to see the extremes that MultiWave would show us ... We've looked at literally hundreds of moves, all pairs, and have calibrated our scale and extreme touch-lines to correspond with the naturally occurring exhaustion points of price in these moves for both the primary and subwaves involved. But as we moved on in our trading, we discovered something, which should have been a no-brainer from the beginning. Price doesn't just move in harmonic waves to exhaustion, ALL OF PRICE MOVEMENT is harmonic. As a result, we can totally differentiate in a pull-back whether it is a mere retracement, or an outright reversal. These are the points where all traders fear, because they just don't know which way price is going. But we do. We can tell when price is reaching, and it appears to be an extreme, that it has much more reach left. Again, these are the points in time in price movement where your peer traders cannot tell what is going on. So what we discovered, was where the trends precisely end, and what is happening (for the most part) in between.

What I am saying is that the harmonic movement in price is not readily seen in the candlesticks, but it shows up like lines on a polygraph in the MultiWave indicator. It creates patterns that repeat and repeat and repeat. And when we see a particular pattern, we know precisely what price is doing next. As I stated, it's about as close to a crystal ball as you can get.

Now, Shredder is NOT just about MultiWave, we have also spent 5-years developing the most comprehensive support and resistance system in the Forex marketplace. As such, price will turn-around on one of our S&R components about 98% of the time. Better said, it very rarely turns around in black space and leaving us wondering why (or white space if you have a white background on your charts). When you combine MultiWave and our S&R system, you have a very unique feature of Shredder, that TOTALLY SEPARATES SHREDDER FROM ANYTHING ELSE IN THE MARKET, bar none.

Now here is the real power of that statement, because the fact we have such a narrowly defined turn-around zone, we can use extremely tight stops. So it's time for a lesson on risk, lot and position sizing, and how you can earn 3X, 5X, even 10X what your peers are earning off the same moves, with no more downside risk than they have! Guys, if you are not understanding the power of this, I don't think you're ever going to make it as a trader.

You see, here's why almost every system or model being marketed is using smoke-and-mirrors, and not being straight with you ... because the results they talk about are not nearly as fantastic as they make them seem. I'll show you how to debunk their marketing tactics right here and now!

So how do you measure the effectiveness of a trading system? Is with the pips it gains? Is it with the dollars it gains? Is it the ROI? I'll show you how you cannot use these benchmarks UNLESS you level the playing field. Most of these other guys out there are using smoke-and-mirrors because they do NOT want to level the playing field, in fact, they don't even want you to see what field they are playing on ...  Now just so you understand, it is not my desire to talk-down about the competition, but I have to show you what they are doing in order for you to see the power in what you can be achieving if you were trading with our Shredder Trader Program. It's called differentiation, and it's why you'll want Shredder and nothing else once you understand this important reality.

So, to our lesson on leveling the playing field ... The only way I have never known to do that is to measure, side-by-side, controlled parameters along with how the system trades. If we can do that, we have a vehicle for measuring performance across various system models.

So, let's take 2 traders, Trader A and Trader B, with Trader B being you as a Shredder trader.

So, here's how will control the comparison ... by giving Trader A and Trader B the same parameters:

Both have $2000 in their trading accounts. Both want to use 3% risk in their trade. Both are trading in a mini-account (wherein the value of 1-pip is $1.00 ... which is true for USD based pairs such as the EUR/USD).

The ONLY difference then, in the comparison, is what their system says they should use for their stop-loss.

So Trader A's system says he must use a 30-pip stop-loss. Our Shredder trader, Trader B, is going to use our Shredder 10-pip stop-loss.

So let's calculate exactly how many lots each trader can put into the trade to stay within their 3% risk strategy.

Trader A is risking 3% of $2000, or $60. He has a 30-pip stop-loss, so we know that if he gets stopped-out, it will cost him $30 per lot in the trade (30 pips in the stop, times $1 for the value of 1 pip). Since he is risking $60, this means Trader A can put 2 lots into his trade and maintain his maximum 3% risk in the trade.

3% X $2000 = $60
30-pips in the stop X $1/pip = $30 in 1 lot in the stop loss
$60 max risk / $30 per lot in the stop = 2 lots available to trade

Trader B, our Shredder trader, is also risking 3% of $2000, or $60. He has a 10-pip stop-loss, so we know that if he gets stopped-out, it will cost him $10 per lot in the trade (10 pips in the stop, times $1 for the value of 1 pip). Since he is risking $60, this means Trader A can put 6 lots into his trade and maintain his maximum 3% risk in the trade.

3% X $2000 = $60
10-pips in the stop X $1/pip = $10 in 1 lot in the stop loss
$60 max risk / $10 per lot in the stop = 6 lots available to trade

So, now we have both traders with the same size account, risking the same in the trade, but having different amounts of lots they can put in the trade dictated 100% by how their model trades and the stop-loss required by that model.

So, let's look at some results...



Trader A
Old Paradigm

Trader B

Lots entered in the trade



Price Reverses / Stopped-Out

- 30 pips

- 10 pips

Loss Amount

- 3%

- 3%

Dollar impact



50-pip gain X Lots in Trade

100 pips
(2 lots x 50)

300 pips
(6 lots x 50)

Trader's Profit (at $1 / pip)



So, what you see here is pretty powerful. Both traders are risking the same 3% in the trade. In other words, if they both get stopped out in their trades, they both lose 3% of their account. However, because Trader A has to spread his risk over more pips in the stop-loss, he is only able to put 2 lots into the trade ... therefore when he gains 50 pips, he makes $100. Trader B has the same parameters and risk, except with Shredder, he only needs a 10-pip stop loss, and this allows him to have 6 lots in the trade for the same downside risk as Trader A. Thus, when he gets his 50-pip gain, he makes $300.

Now guys, I am not sure how you want to do your math, but it's staring you in the face. The Shredder trader, in this example, has 3X the amount of lots in the trade, so he's going to make 3x the profit in the trade (losing the SAME amount, however, if they both lose the trade).

Now, if you stop here, you're showing signs you don't comprehend the power of the Forex ... because the Forex, from the start, is all about leverage. You see, what happens next is Trader A and Trader B go looking for their next trades, but now when they put 3% into the trade, Trader B has a little bit more cash to deal with, which means he can place even more lots into the trade. Yes, his 3% now becomes more than Trader A's 3%, but his account balance grows much faster, as well. In fact, in a mathematical exercise, you'd see the rapid increase in Trader B's account balance. Now what makes this even more interesting, is if you extend the exercise to allow Trader A to win EVERY TRADE, 100% of the time (improbable), and allow Trader B to win only 66% of the time (significantly below experienced averages), there is still a huge advantage to Trader B ... quite huge. For me, once I saw this, I could never go back to a system that had 30-pip, 50-pip, even 100-pip stop-losses. I could have a significantly lower win-ratio's and still tromp-all over my old system, even if I was trading it to perfection. Guys, if you don't get how this works on the mental side of the game, I guess you'll have to wait for my book to come out!


  • Both Traders starting with $2,000 / mini account
  • Both Traders using 3% risk in trade
  • Trader A with 30 Pip SL /  Trader B with 10 Pip SL
  • Both Traders gaining 50-pips in a trade

Trader A

Trader B

Both Traders @ 100% for 10 trades in a row



Trader A @ 100% ... Trader B @ 66% ... for 10 trades






Both Traders @ 100% for 20 trades in a row



Trader A @ 100% ... Trader B @ 66% ... for 20 trades



So, what you see here is pretty powerful ... wouldn't you agree?

This is the ULTIMATE POWER of Harmonic Wave Convergence, MultiWave, and Shredder. It is a profit accelerator in the truest sense.

Now, for those of you trading systems with 50-pip or 100-pip stop-losses ... yes, that means you could be making 5X, even 10X the profit in the same sized trades.

And let's establish one thing right here and now, the reason you have to use a 100-pip stop-loss is because your turnaround area is so large and imprecise (or in the case of pro-trend traders, you just don't know exactly where you're getting in on the trend move). By having Harmonic Wave Convergence on our side, it's like we have a microscope to that turn-around.

So, what about those smoke-and-mirrors you were referring to?

Okay, here's the first example. Check out the profit made and being promoted...


I was pretty impressed with the results this guy was promoting, especially since later in his website he states that you can get started in the Forex for just $300. Now, both statements are probably true (I will take his word that he made that profit, and it is true you can start trading the Forex for under $300).

But I know something about profit and gains, and $6K is awesome, so he is to be congratulated. But, one thing else ... at his site, the video for the trade that made the $6K used a 185-pip stop-loss. So I wrote him and asked about the risk he had in the trade. He responded, "3%". By doing back calculations (account balance X risk, using stop-loss and pips gained) I was able to see that in order to make his $6,481 in the trade that went 490-pips, his account before the trade had to be over $66,000. WOW!!!!

You see, I knew this, because with a 185-pip stop, you have to have TONS of money to cover the stop and yet have enough to put some lots in the trade. And if that TONS of money is only 3% of the account, the account has to be pretty fat. So, the emotional appeal being used here is to entice you with $6,481.57 Profit (in 15-minutes at that), and yet being told you can start trading the Forex for only $300. I believe this system will do 100% of what the promoter says it does, consistently, and with high-percentages of wins. I am not contesting that at all. I'm just suggesting that promoting $6481 gains and not telling you that in order to do that with his system you need $66,000 to start (because of the size stops required) ... but then telling you that you can start trading the Forex for as little as $300 .... well, that just might be interpreted by some as misleading. But I'll let you decide on your own! 

This is HOW you have to compare systems. Apples to apples. Dollars gained mean NOTHING if you don't know the underlying stop-loss and risk-exposure being used. We just proved that.

One more quick example ...


It's not uncommon to see signal service providers put pip-gains front-and-center on their websites. Signal service providers will use the smoke-and-mirrors I have been referring to, as they seldom share with you their recommended stop-loss size UNTIL you subscribe to their services. Let's say a signal service claims they make 800-pips a month (such as in our screen-shot of a signal provider's website above). Many of them use 50-pip to 100-pip stops, but let's be conservative and say we find one that uses a 50-pip stop-loss. (I saw an example with the above provider using a 60-pip stop-loss).

Since we are trading with 1/5 the stop-loss, we can make the same profit with 1/5 the pips gained. In other words, for the signal service promoting 800-pips a month ... well, as Shredder traders, we can make the SAME PROFIT with only a 160-pip gain (again, because we are putting our risk in a much tighter stop-loss, we can trade more lots). All of a sudden, that 800-pips a month doesn't sound so spectacular, does it?

Now, to reassure you that I am not using smoke-and-mirrors myself, once you learn to trade using Harmonic Wave Convergence and MultiWave, you'll be experiencing an 80% to 85% win ratio. Even here, I have to be careful, because we are typically talking about a win being something at least greater than 5-pips. With most other systems, you measure them by winning percentages and nothing more. With Shredder, while we can discuss winning percentages, it's what's on the other side of the equation that is so cool. You see, while we have about 80% wins, our 20% are not losers. Pretty nifty, huh?

With MultiWave, once we are in a trade, and not yet far enough to move our stop to a break-even point, we have the ability to know whether we were in at the right time or not. I told you, MultiWave is a real-time indicator, and it never stops giving us feedback about what is going on. So unlike most with-the-trend traders, who NEVER take themselves out of a bad trade before they are stopped-out (in fact, that is what they are taught), a Shredder trader has an indicator that says, "Whoops, you got in a tad early, exit now at -1 pip and avoid the loss", or "This is not a reversal, it's a retracement, time to bank those 8-pips and get out". So, of the 20% of our trades that are non-winners, you typically might see about 5% to 7% being outright losers (running the 10-pip stop), and the remaining 15% being break-even slush (somewhere between -3 and +3). We don't really count those +1, +3 as winners, nor do we count -1 as a loser, because their impact is very nominal in the grand scheme of things and they balance themselves out.

The reason we have break-even trades is because anytime our criteria is there, we can take the trade, and then MultiWave will tell us whether to STAY or EXIT ... and once you learn that you can swing the bat, and even if you miss, it not count as a strike, you start swinging that bat more and more and more. :-)

Oh, and "NO " , we don't sit all day on our charts. You only need to tend to the entry, we have solid money management and harmonic targets for profit taking the remainder of the trade, most of which can be automated either by the trading station being used, or with alert notifications. And as far as being called to the charts when there is a trade, our ProCharts have alerts which can notify you via email or straight to your cell phone, that a trade entry is setting up. I'm very often out back by the pool with with my kids, not staring at charts ... I'll get an alert if there is a trade setting up. Now for me, that's true trader lifestyle!

And, the REAL (ultimate) power of Shredder is that it can be traded on any time frame. More about this later!

The Shredder indicators are very powerful at isolating trend exhaustion points, as well as trend analysis - determining trend continuation after a reversal. In addition to MultiWave itself, we have two other technologies that measure Harmonic Wave Convergence from different angles ... our MultiWave-X and our MultiWave-W. Here's an example of our MultiWave-W indicator, again, nailing a price turn-around ...


We don't use the indicators to exit a trade once we have moved our stop-loss to break-even. The only way we leave a trade after that point is to be profitted-out (it's not appropriate to say "I was stopped-out" if you made 85 pips when you are exited from the trade ... so when we get stopped-out in profit, we call it being "profitted-out"). We may get more signals for trade entries ONCE we are ALREADY in a trade, or even a signal in the opposite direction, or a no-signal ... it doesn't matter, once we are in a trade, we use the harmonic price targets we discussed above (those gold targets lines in the graphic several pictures above) because they attract price like magnets and there is nothing more accurate. We get in a trade, and essentially hand that trade off to our Junior Trading Assistant (what we call, our "money management" map, the targeting system), and go looking for more trades (in either direction). We just keep swinging the bat, again, because even when we swing and miss, it rarely counts as a strike. And when you know you can swing and it not hurt you, you tend to take just about every trade that meets the criteria ... there's minimal hesitation - totally unlike most other systems where there is often major stress at trade entry time. Shredder truly works on building confident traders.

There's so much more I can show, but I have to put a limit on it somewhere, or I'll end up teaching you our full-day introductory class right here ... but I do want to share one more innovation that you will not see any other trader having, and this is the MultiWave-X indicator for Shredder. MultiWave-X is a dedicated indicator, that plots 3 separate indicators in the same channel, each having a very powerful (yet different) piece of information regarding the current trend - it's strength, longevity, and exhaustions, and it also has 4 trend-bars at the top. Those 4 trend-bars are in themselves FOUR different indicators that have been tuned to give you a read regarding trend strength and continuation possibilities. So when all is said and done, our MultiWave-X indicator is one, visually-easy to read indicator, that is actually SEVEN indicators in one. Compare that to loading up your chart with multiple indicators, and having to manage the visual cues from that. MultiWave-X is a charting innovation, and it's only available with our Shredder Trader Course and Program.

What I really like about the trend bars, is I can place any time-periods' trend (via the trend-bars) on any chart I want. As an example, if I am trading the 30-minute chart, I can put the 4-hour trend analysis on that 30-minute chart, and see how the 30-minute candles are performing inside the larger trend. It's EXTREMELY powerful.


Shredder Traders KNOW What Price is Doing ...
Their Counterparts Are Just Guessing (or hoping).
That's What REAL-TIME Indicators Will Do For, Too!

That's right ... while our fellow traders are stressing over the situation, ShredderFX traders are relaxed, in control, and managing their trades. And that's mainly because our peers are sitting there with lagging indicators and big, fat stop-losses, and we are the only ones using true, REAL TIME indicators ... navigating our way through reversals, retracements, and extended reaches (like in a hyper-extended, impulsive move). Check out this quick 5-minute video to see the ONE spot that creates MORE stress for your typical traders than anywhere else in their trading, and this is just ONE of several places ShredderFX Traders have a distinct advantage. See for yourself here.


So, let me summarize some of the REAL power within Shredder, and I readily encourage and challenge you to look at this attributes when compared to other trading systems, strategies, or models in the marketplace.


Shredder trades off Harmonic Wave Convergence ... a naturally occurring price movement within the charts that most traders do not see. But we'll show you in the Shredder Trader Program how this is a natural law of price movement, and as such, can be exploited readily for profit once you understand it.

Shredder has a consistent and high-percentage entry that is based on real-time information ... and when that entry is early, Shredder tells us so we can exit the trade minimizing potential losses

Shredder's entry is extremely tight. In most other competing strategies, the trader's risk is spread-out over exceedingly large, profit-stealing stop-losses of 30, 50, or 100+ pips. This is the power behind Shredder, the ability to have extremely profitable pips (as we have demonstrated above, a pip is not a pip; you have to measure the profit in that pip)

Shredder's Support and Resistance component of the strategy doesn't have any holes, in fact, price won't turn around unless landing on one of our S&R lines (at least 98% of the time) ... you know your S&R has holes if price turns around on you and you didn't know why it did, where it did

Shredder has a price targeting component so precise, that trade-after-trade, you witness the system's targets being at the exact locations price either exhausts or completely reverses (and therefore, creating the optimal location to take some profit out of the trade). Shredder can do this because it is the only system which trades based on how price truly moves, in precise harmonic fashion. And nothing else has ever come close; the "5-year challenge" has not been beat!

Shredder also uses leak-proof money management, so the only way the trader can have equity curves that retreat is if the trader knowingly defies the Shredder risk and money management rules handed to him / her

Shredder is designed to work with, and grow, the trader's psychological side, which is the largest component of trader success. Think of this, when you lose a trade with a 50-pip stop, how hard is it to pull the trigger the next time? With Shredder, you know with just a measly 10-pips, you are back in profit! It's amazing what this does for your emotional state as a trader!

Unlike other strategies which state the same, Shredder truly can be started, trading live, with nominal capital (because of our tight stop-losses)

Because Shredder trades based on wave structure exhaustion, which occurs all hours of the day, every day, every season, you will never say (like you hear said about other models), "This isn't a good time to trade", or "The market moves funny this time of year", etc. You can trade Shredder for good profit any time of the day, any day of the month, any month of the year!

Shredder's own suite of Harmonic Wave Convergence measuring indicators, MultiWave, can only be found with the ShredderFX Trader Program

Shredder can be traded, without changes, on any time frame the trader desires to trade ... this breaks the current paradigm thinking where you have to trade short-term charts first. In other models, most of the time, the longer period charts are not tradeable for newer traders because of the size stop-loss required, and the trader not yet having that kind of capital. With Shredder, whether it's a 30-minute, 4-hour, even a Daily trade, we use the same 10-pip stop-loss entry!

Shredder is so complete, so consistent, and such a breath of relief for most traders .. that every trader who learns it wants to share it with others - not with collecting affiliate commissions as their primary objective, but to actually help other traders escape the limiting paradigm they've been trading in and now finally having some potential to reach their dreams.

So, if any of this sounds appealing, then I encourage you to join us as a Shredder trader. On the other hand, if you'd rather be courted with smoke-and-mirrors that tug at your emotions rather than your intellect, then click on one of those links in the emails sitting in your inbox and we can part ways right now.

Steve, If You Are Boo-Hoo'ing Sites That Promote Pips, How Do You Measure Shredder's Performance?

I was waiting for that question ... because at this point, you're far-enough along to understand how these other guys are using those smoke-and-mirror tactics to sort of deceive you, but you're also now curious as to how Shredder really can stack up. So, totally a fair question.

First, lets review what we do know ... you can't use pips as your measure in looking at performance UNLESS you know the size of the stop-loss traded, because only then you can start to equate it to Shredder's performance, with our 10-pip stop-loss.

Second, and what should be somewhat intuitive for the seasoned trader at this point, is that anybody who reports "XYZ-pips" gained is not only not telling you the entire story (because you need to know the size of their stop-loss), but they are also not accurately reflecting what actually happens with a trade - because a serious trader does not stay "full-boat " in their trades. In other words, as a trade goes in your favor, you leg-down to secure profit along the way. As an example, if you had 2 lots in a trade, and took the 1st lot out at 50-pips and then closed the 2nd lot out at 100-pips ... how would your report that? It's not accurate to state "I made 100-pips", because that's not truly what you achieved. The reality is, you averaged 75-pips per lot traded, and that is a more accurate reflection of how to report your trading, other than ROA (Return On Account) or ROI.

So, back to the question, how does Shredder perform? 

It does very well, thank you! As a representative example, let's look at a trade our Shredder traders took in our Online Coaching Room (see below). This graphic comes right out of our Introductory ShredderFX-30 Class.

In this trade, we entered The GBP with 3% risk, which was 14 lots, with our 10-pip stop-loss. Our first harmonic target was 49-pips away, at which time we took profit on 7 of our lots (we'll teach you WHY we do that in the full-day class). We skipped the 2nd target, because price was moving straight through the target. At the third target, we took profit on 2 lots (the 2nd and 3rd target lots). We skipped the 4th target, again, as price moved right through it. At the 5th target, we took the profit for target 4 and 5. And so on through our 8th target. We made 1275-pips with all 14 of our lots in the trade, and thus averaged just over 91-pips per lot in the trade. In our mini account, that was a $1275 profit against less than a $150 risk, starting with a $5000 balance - yielding over a 25% return. This entire trade took less than a day from start to finish. How many trades like this do you need per month?

Now, I would be deceiving you if I said every trade goes like the one above, because they do not. Some are +1 ... some are -2, many are + 30 to + 100. But in most of the majors and exotics, there are typically about 12 to 15 trades like the one above each month. You won't catch them all, because we all have lives (jobs, families, time to sleep, community service, etc.), but you don't need to be in all of them in order to create an excellent, Top-5% kind of lifestyle.

But that's the "standard" Shredder trade. You can also nail the extremes if you want by merely trading on shorter term charts. Here's an example of hundreds-of-pips available on one pair. Remember, these are very profitable pips, because they were entered with 10-pip stops (remember, if we make 200-pips with Shredder, a trader using a 50-pip stop-loss, using same account balance and same risk in trade, would have to make 1,000-pips to make the same kind of profit!).

What you should notice with Shredder ... regardless of whether you are in mid-term, short-term, or long-term trades ... is the true power of Shredder trading >>> incredibly low risk and extremely high yield.

Shredder is so flexible, I have traders that do nothing but use it to scalp lower-time period charts all day. One trader goes to his basement trading pit when his wife goes to work in the morning, and comes back up when she comes home in the evening. It's essentially his 9-to-5. He does between 8 and 12 trades (typically) a trading day, each one netting him 10 to 20 pips. He gets in and gets out, and looks for the next trade. It suits his style.

I have traders that use our ProCharts' Shredder alerts, and only come to the charts when they are told (email, SMS text message) there is a trade set-up ... some folks keep those alerts on 24/6, others just during the times of day they wouldn't mind going to the charts.

I have traders that use our longer-term version of the same system, trading 4-hour charts ... staying in trades much larger and longer, and giving themselves more lifestyle (again, some use the 4-hour alerts, some don't).

So what you have is a complete variety of abilities to make pips, based on your trading desires and objectives and your lifestyle commitments. The powerful thing to note, is that Shredder accommodates just about every kind of trader. Once you start trading Shredder, you'll be taking away any "ceilings" you previously might have conceived in regards to your profit-making abilities.

Can You Really Start Trading With Just $300?

Unlike other products / sites, where they show $6,481 results in a trade (that require $66,000 in capital), I will TRULY show you how with Shredder style trading, you can obtain excellent returns indeed with lower capitalization. I don't believe in showing a report that makes $20,000 for several reasons. First, if the result is due to a large account balance to start (as in our $6481 profit reviewed earlier), it is not an accurate representation to also state that one can get started for $300. Yea, a broker will let you open a live trading account, but what results do you get if you apply that trading system to the $300?  Secondly, large results can be obtained by using excessive risk in a trade. Shredder risk management recommends no more than 1% to 2% in most trades. As such, what I think is preferable to show, is what everybody uses to lure a customer .... "Yes, you can start trading the Forex with less than $300", but then to show a trading report for someone actually starting with just that in their account. In this example of mine from last year, I actually started the 2nd day of the month with a $250 balance in this one account. (The month actually started with $5 and I deposited $245 to make it an even $250).

So, to those that say, "I don't have the kind of money that it takes to make money by trading", you just haven't traded ShredderFX yet. Staring with $250, and less than 90-days later, that $250 is $4,500. All claims of trading earnings, including the above, are subject to the disclosures at www.TradingDisclaimers.com


The Shredder Trader Program should really be renamed "Forex Traders University", because we don't just teach a strategy, our curriculum and on-going coaching create well-rounded traders, who have the skills and emotional discipline to potentially be in the top 2% of all currency traders. We've been trading and teaching many aspects of Shredder trading for several years, but truly have formalized most of our approach on the education side in 2008 - 2009. We use a live-instructor approach, as we have discovered this to be the most effective for the vast majority of traders. I've personally been involved in two previous, large Forex training organizations. In the first, I had one of the largest, direct-referred trading groups in the company. In the second, I was Director of Training and Development. And now, with my own training company ... the bottom line, I've been associated (either directly or indirectly) with the training of over 12,000 traders. I've seen what has made successful traders, and I have seen what leads to failure. My conclusion, with very, very few exceptions, is that a trader is not going to learn to trade on their own. There's many reasons for this, but the largest is the trader's own psychological side will work against him in the long run in this regard (I can spend 8 hours on this subject alone).

This observation just validates everything else we see in life ... whether it be car mechanics, plumbers, pilots, NFL quarterbacks, or doctors ... they all have coaches to move them through their learning experience. I know if my kid's going under the surgeon's knife, I want that surgeon to have learned his trade from a mentor, not some PDF download or CD set. We've also found our most powerful teachings, the ones that our traders report back to us were the most powerful, come from live, instructor-led sessions. Not CD's ... not PDF's ... not video archives. So, our culture reduces itself to a combination of full-day classes (4 to 6 hours typically ... sometimes longer) held throughout the month, combined with ongoing, daily mentoring via our Online Coaching Rooms ("OCR's"). We also have a 24/6 traders' chatroom, where Shredder traders can gather, socialize, and discuss trade set-ups and live trades. We do provide visual slide downloads for most of the full-day class sessions for the attendees, but are aware the best instruction takes place in live settings.

Our daily OCR's are a mixture of instruction, trade set-up, review of previous trades since the last session, live-trading (if there is a trade setting up during the OCR time frame, we'll talk about how to trade it), and most importantly, review and discussion of any traders' questions. We've found our best and most enlightening sessions have come from answering traders' questions. We have daily OCR's every morning of the trading week, and several nights throughout the week, and continue to expand that schedule. And, we have OCR's for both newer traders to our strategy, as well as more advanced traders.


Here's a recorded Advanced Coaching Session ...
There are two "teachings" in this OCR. The first, we were reviewing a trader's entry into a trade that was early, and showing how we could get out without being stopped-out (something COMPLETELY unique to our strategy). The second part of the OCR was showing an entry into a trade for which I had eight (8) separate components pointing to a reversal entry (and all 8 had the entry to withing a 3-pip window). As a side note, that entry so far has been good for over 430-pips in just a couple of days (and with our 10-pip stop loss, so it would take 2,150 pips if you were using a 50-pip stop loss to make the same kind of profit. Guys, I'm telling you, Shredder Rules!  Here's the OCR download page!

Update To The Video You Just Watched ...
Now, if you took the time to watch that video download, especially the second-half, where I discuss the 8-points that made up a really strong PRZ ... you'll enjoy this follow-up (only 5-minutes long) which shows the result of that set-up and trade. This is an active link, just left-click here (Don't bother if you haven't seen the video download above first).

Bottom line, if you are not coachable, our program is not for you. On the other hand, if you are ready to make some solid progress with your Forex journey, we invite you to join us.

While we have a prevailing strategy and trading system (Shredder), our program is extremely comprehensive and is designed to create the ultimate technical trader. All of the following classes are included with the Shredder Program:


Class 1
ShredderFX-30 ... The intro to Harmonic Wave Convergence (the science of how price moves and exhausts at price points) ... NOT to be confused with Harmonic Chart Patterns. So we have Harmonic Wave Convergence (HWC), which pinpoint those turn-arounds to within 3 to 5 pips. In the ShredderFX-30 class, we teach several things, including HOW price moves, HWC, and our sophisticated S&R system which captures 98% of ALL price turnarounds.

Class 2
Personality and Psychological Considerations in Trading ... including use of your trader's journal, as well as a life journal ... what baggage you bring to the charts from your past, dealing with ego, and much more.

Class 3
Advanced money management (again, taught by traders who had to learn money management the hard way, because no one else was teaching "real" money management when they were learning to trade). Here, we'll work you through risk management, and managing your core equity so your losing months are something of the past.

Class 4
Advanced Fibonacci techniques ... there's so much more than 38.2%, 50.0%, and 61.8% ... we get deep into retracements, projections, and extended retracements, including all the magic numbers that price runs to on the charts that most traders have never seen!
Class 5
Advanced Trend Lines / Median Sets / Pitchforks
Class 6
Elliott Wave and - Harmonic Chart Patterns ... I believe our Elliott Wave class is one of the best ... I've attended EW classes that cost $2,000, and I know we cover the material better ... during the class, and in post-support. We don't bog you down with the technicals that you don't need, but instead focus on the proven aspects that create better targeting and confidence in our traders.
We also include what many people sell as stand alone courses for Harmonic Chart Patterns. However, we like our implementation better, because most Harmonic Chart Patterns do not give you a very tight reversal zone ... (when you combine Harmonic Chart Patterns AND Harmonic Wave Convergence, you have something powerful).
Class 7
Goal Setting and Achievement for Forex Traders  ... Goal setting is a real science and requires the commitment of the trader in order to achieve success in trading ... we cover all aspects of goal setting, including tying in with trader's journals and life journals (and the distinction between working on the technical side and the self-development side)

Class 8
ShredderFX-240 ... This is our implementation of longer-term (and lifestyle trading) available via what you learned in ShredderFX-30 and had a chance to practice in your demo trading account. More advanced indicators pinpoint trades even better, and give the trader selectivity and lifestyle. We'll cover MultiWave-X's three components ... LateBreak, The LC Wave, and X-wave, the newly introduced 4-D Trend Bars, as well as MultiWave-W and our unique Multi-Wave Merge.

Class 9
Shredder Burst Trading (SBT) System  ... ShredderFX uses Harmonic Wave Convergence (HWC) to isolate the natural movement of price. We've continued to advance the use of HWC and now also have a short-term implementation for those who want to also (or either) scalp, momentum, or intra-day trade short-term charts. In addition to SBT being supported in the advanced OCR sessions, we also have a SBT Live Trading Room.

And Since 2012... ALL of our live, full-day, instructor-led classes are recorded and available 24-7-365 in our PAT (PipClub Archived Training) Library. This means, no matter what your job, life, community, sleeping, social calendar looks like, you can still attend the very same classes as our traders who attended the live, full-day classes. Even better, you can stop and review, go back, and do things one can't do in a live training class. So now, we've taken away the excuses about "the schedule". Now, if you are committed to being a serious, consistent trader, we have the program and it is accessible to you AT YOUR CONVENIENCE.
Nothing about our program is static. We evolve the classes based on our personal trading, feedback we get in the OCR's, and our sense of the progress our traders are making.
Most of the day classes have 9AM eastern start times. We are enhancing our schedule to include both evening and weekend class offerings, as well.
Throughout ALL our classes, we do something NO ONE else does, and that is work EVERY DAY on the trader psychological growth ... our system was designed with that in mind, as your ultimate success in trading is 15% chartism (technicals) and 85% psychological. You must have a system that works (which we definitely have), but you must also grow "the self". We work very diligently on that every day, in every session.
We do not teach our classes all at once. We offer the SFX-30 and SFX-240 at-least once a month, the remainder about every 4 to 6 weeks, or when we sense there is a need. In the course of 90-days, you will have had a chance to sit through several of the Shredder (30 and 240) classes, as well as at least 1 or 2 of all the other classes.
And remember, once you purchase our Shredder Trader Program, you can attend the classes (any of them) as many times as you desire.
LIFETIME Access to our  Online Coaching Room's Included ...
In addition to, and in support of our day-class efforts, we also have daily ongoing mentoring via our Online Coaching Rooms (OCR's). These sessions last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. We give you 90-days of this daily OCR support with the Shredder Trader Program purchase. This is the most effective way of learning to become a professional currency trader. After the 90-days, you are still entitled to attend ANY of the full-day classes ... and your OCR subscription, if you elect continue to participate in our mentoring and coaching sessions (and opt trade with one of our recommended broker/IB's)* is only $129 per month.
Also since 2012 ... we have archived our daily, ongoing coaching OCRs and put them in their own library, as well. We keep a rolling 60-days of OCRS in the PAT-OCR library. So now, once again, your schedule is not going to conflict with our daily coaching. Any of the insight and technique we covered in that days online coaching rooms, you can view at your convenience. We still recommend live attendance whenever possible, but now there's no excuse for anyone not to advance at paces that are averaging 5x faster than before we had our archived libraries.
We Use TradingView Charts
Charting platforms is always a point of consideration for traders. Over the years, we have used and reviewed many charting platforms. Last year, we concluded that TradingView charts are the best all-around, premium charting platform when it came to learning, advanced techniques, live  trading, and use with the Shredder System. We've spent considerable time with FX Trek, the provider of IntelliCharts, and have a white-label version that has ALL of the Shredder Indicators built into the native code of the charts. I cannot tell you how powerful this is. There are many reasons we prefer TradingView, including the powerful median set capabilities (advanced trendlines, pitchforks) and over all chart management. For a limited time, for FULL PURCHASE traders, we waive the $39.99 monthly fee for the world's first true Multiple Time Frame Analysis (MTFA) indicators. That offer may expire without notice.

If you are interested in moving from hobbyist to serious trader, and are looking for charts for that journey, here's some links to explore TradingView (the charts our systems work on). I'd recommend the Pro+ version, PM me if you have questions. These are my affiliate links for TradingView. It doesn't cost you more to use my links than TradingView's, but we do get a little affiliate commission which we use to help offset of our programming efforts in advancing our various systems.

Link for Main Page

Link for chart page

Link for upgrade (This is the version comparison chart)

A Word about MT4...
We do have most elements of the current ShredderFX environment running on MT4 (most of it, however some of the more advanced Shredder indicators are slightly different because of the nature of MT4). We would prefer to run on MT4 (as our recommended platform) for many reasons, but after having traded it there (we used an experienced set of 30 MT4 currency traders in a large beta test pilot program), we realized it is not nearly as accurate as the ProCharts. And, if you are going to be a true Shredder trader, you'll need to ditch most of your old paradigm, and that includes your MT4, too. The problems with MT4 are many ... the datafeeds from the brokers gave consistently different prices ... MT4 candles on a 30-minute chart routinely gapped anywhere between 2 and 9 pips (sometimes more) ... different brokers use different end-of-day, which creates chaos on S&R ranges formulated from the previous day's OHLC data, and so on. It's hard to trade a precision-based system (with our advanced users using 10-pip stop losses) with the reality of how MT4 deals with price. Lastly, the pride of most MT4 users (a large customer indicator library) serves no purpose in a paradigm which requires REAL TIME indicators. Why would you need all those previous custom indicators when they are not of use to Shredder? (trust me, we've been through them). Why not use the same charts as the creator and most successful traders of the Shredder System? And if it's price that has you concerned, if $127 a month for premium charts scares you because, after all, MT4 is free, we don't want you. Not so much because we don't want you, it's just that level of mindset will not create a successful trader. I couldn't be more clear. And if you think I am saying that just for a few bucks from charts, please realize that for many years I directed MY traders to my COMPETITION to get their IntelliCharts... meaning I was putting money in my competitors' pockets rather than having my traders use free MT4 charts. That's how strongly I feel about the difference in performance (and eventual trader success) between MT4 charts and our PipClub ProCharts (the version of IntelliCharts for which we now have our system in the native code of the charts)..
New for 2018 ...
ShredderFX features the first and only true MTFA (Multiple Time Frame Analysis) indicator, Multiwave.
It allows us to see 6 different time periods waves in one indicator on one chart, which is why we can have such laster-precise entries (usually, a 2-3 pip zone) ...

After seven years of trading with Multiwave, in 2018 we NOW also INCLUDE our incredible TAB29 system, which features the agreement of 29 separate indicators in deciding wave termination and reversal points .. but all in one indicator, from one chart. Essentially, we now have MultiWave on steroids as our guide to profits.

Also, in 2018, we launched our CRYPTO education and support. So whether you are pulled to Forex, or Crypto, or both, we are the place you want to be for trading education and support.
Starting late 2015, we launched our PRIVATE/CLOSED Facebook Group for PipClub Shredders. This has been an outstanding support and growth vehicle. About 95% of all questions are answered by coaches or senior (advanced) Shredder Traders within minutes to hours. It's also a great place to share trades (good and bad) and to get more insight or clarity from our trading community. When those questions are complex, or trade reviews require deeper thought than a few words in a comment, the coaches will do a live/recorded Coaching Session to bring clarity. Our group also creates a nice social touch, as trading can be a lonely activity. All in all, we have great time in this group, while we advance our trading. We are adding new indicators to some of our charting platforms this year, and puttig even more focus no the head game... stuff you WILL NOT get anywhere else.
We also have a large Facebook Group you can join NOW and witness the thousands that follow what we do, as we take Harmonic Wave Convergence and merge with harmonic pattern scans, pitchforks, and advanced Fibonacci techniques ... join that group here.
Guys, here's the bottom line...  You are the CEO of your own company. Call it "Your Name's" Forex Trading Company, if you will. But you are definitely the CEO. This company has the chance to be a multi-million dollar company. You truly own a multi-million dollar company ... of course, you have to do the work, too, but the reality is, in my over 25 years of entrepreneurial and corporate business life, I've NEVER seen a more real opportunity for such a low expense. If the maximum expense ($256 / month for BOTH coaching and charts) is not in the budget, you probably truly are not ready for the Forex. And for those of you that question even this nominal expense, I'll be satisfied to know that when you go somewhere else to learn, where you'll be trading a 30-pip, 50-pip, even 100-pip stop-loss, that every time you make $1,000 there, you could have made $3,000 ... $5,000 ... even $10,000 here with us, trading Shredder (again, all things being equal, as illustrated above at this website). When you look at in those terms, how much is $256 per month? And is it really a cost, or is it the spark-plug that will generate much more income than you could make trading other systems?
The Shredder Trader Program is only $2499 and includes:
  • A series of live, instructor-led, real-time classes held throughout the month ... not just a model or strategy, but the real components of being a successful and profitable trader (you can revisit any class as many times as desired during your trading tenure) ... currently NINE (9) days of training (5 hours to 8 hours per class)
  • 24/7/365 access to the PAT (PipClub Archived Training) Library for the full-day classes
  • Lifetime access to our ongoing coaching and mentoring in our Online Coaching Rooms ... OCR's
  • Lifetime 24/7 access to the PAT-OCR for recorded daily Online Coaching Room sessions
  • Waiving the $39.99 monthly fee for TradingView indicators for botjh MultiWave and TAB29 (and more)
  •   24/7 access to our closed PipClub Shredders Facebook Group - the gathering place for serious, advanced   
      Shredders (This is a bonus, guarantee. It remains our option to provide )
  •   Lifetime access providing the ability for traders to submit their trades for review ... and see those trades 
      reviewed either in our FB group or via recorded video (coach's discretion) (and viewable 24/7)
  • Lifetime access providing the ability for traders to submit any trader question 24/7, and have that question answered WHEN the trader desires ... recorded in video and accessible 24/7 ( to date, I believe we are the only Forex training company that provides this service) or via our FB Group (coach's discretion which is best for the trader and our trader community.
Quite frankly, I'll challenge any trader to find a program that is more robust, more comprehensive, teaching a better trading system (including consistency, having lower risk, and a higher return) with more truly dedicated teacher-student interaction than you get with our Shredder Trader Program. I personally have not seen anything close to what we are doing.
If you (really) want to know more about me and how I think, here you go .

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Refund Policy:
By purchasing The ShredderFX Trader Program using the above purchase links, the customer hereby accepts the ShredderFX refund Policy. First and foremost, if the customer or trader has ANY hesitation regarding purchasing or commencing The ShredderFX Trader Program, they should NOT purchase the program. We do not offer "trial periods" to "test the waters" with our program. We are not interested in taking your money unless you are fully committed to being a student of a serious Forex academic and training program. Because we provide complete access to all of our training from the time of purchase, the purchase price is non-refundable.Because we give you 100% of our training at the time of your purchase, we do not subsequenbtly do refunds. DO NOT PURCHASE unless you want the ShredderFX trading program.

Additionally, some customers will use credit cards for purchasing our program. While we recognize some credit card companies provide "refundable" purchases for up to 30 to 60 or more days for tangible product, you, the customer WAIVE THAT RIGHT and accept our NO REFUND Policy. By purchasing our program either with the Full Price Purchase or the Payment Plan Purchase, you, the customer, hereby accepts the NO REFUND policy for the Program.

Automatic Billing:
Full Price Purchasers will be billed $2499 at time of purchase.

Payment Plans will be billed $1500 at time of purchase. 30-days after purchase, the customer will be automatically billled (via PayPal) $100, and every 30-days thereafter for a total of twelve (12) $100 payments.

PayPal will bill you up to 3 times for the monthly payment. If ALL three payments fail, you will have to contact admin@pipclub.com to discuss how to regain acess to our program. Until you do, access to resources, such as video recordings, FaceBook Groips, or indicators included in the purchae, may be rempved.

Payment Plan Purchase - Acceptance of Financial Responsibility:
A payment plan option is provided merely to accommodate budgets and cash-flow. We do not offer a "trial" with the first split payment purchase. Accordingly, once the first payment is made, and prior to PayPal billing the second payment, if the trader wants to cancel their participation, they hereby understand and hereby accept that they are still obligated for the remaining payments. If they cancel their monthly payment subscription with PayPal and do not make arrangements for the remaining payments, all reasonable efforts will be made to collect the debt, including but not limited to reporting the outstanding debt to standard consumer credit reporting agencies, use of collection agencies, collection attorneys, etc. Bottom line, do not use the payment plan option as a $1500 ... that's not what it is. You, the customer, fully understand that you are obligated for the full $2700 regardless of using the payment plan purchase option or cancelling with PayPal prior to the second payment being collected.

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