Introducing A True LIFESTYLE Trading System  

It's True, PipClub is known world-wide for moving traders out of the "old-paradigm" and into the "new paradigm". That "new paradigm" includes more profit per pip earned, than available with any other current (old) paradigm trading systems ... with less risk and more reward. Our flagship system, ShredderFX, features real-time indicators that can detect a reversal (which occurs at the point of Harmonic Wave Convergence), typically to within a 2 to 3 pip zone ... even on large time-period charts.

But while we know we can shred the waves for massive profit with ShredderFX, sometimes we want more ... some traders want to be able to make pips themselves (versus using a signal service), YET, want to have a lifestyle, as well. That lifestyle may include a desire for things which precludes them from being on the charts, responding to "live" alerts (random, any-time) through-out the day / night ... that may include work, family, or recreational pursuits.

Our Lifestyle-FX system is anything but that. It's based on proven technology, but ONLY requires minimal time effort, most of the time, less than 10-minutes per day ... and some days, substantially even less. That's because we've created the environment for BOTH trade entries, and trade exits, to ONLY be taken at 4-Hour candle closes, and only then.

We also have an alert team, which provide FaceBook alert signals, notifying you of:

  • Trade Entries (on four different pairs)
  • Trade Exits
  • The fact there are no trade entries at that 4-Hour close

NOTE: While those trade alerts are presented in a consistent format, they are presented by traders in the Lifestyle-FX community (who have been trained on how to send these alerts) and are existing traders of the Lifestyle-FX system. Therefore, alerts are provided on a "best-efforts" basis, and alert providers are not held liable for your trading results. We also have secondary traders who validate the trade alerts which are provided. Since our community spans the globe, we have trade alerts presented for each of our six 4-hour closes in a 24-Hour day. It couldn't be sweeter!

The training for the Lifestyle-FX system is simple. We have just ONE indicator, for three different trade types (3 SELL and 3 BUY traders) for which there is solid and objective criteria. We combine that read with one trend identifier (also simple and objective), and we either have a trade-entry or not ... or, if in an  existing trade, a trade exit, or not. Truly simple. The training is only about 2-hours long (in video, so you can go through in one seating, or whatever works for your schedule). Because we do show you ALL there is to know in that video training, you are obligated to keep the system. We're not doing any more training of traders, who then say, "Uh, I don't like this, please give me a refund", and then go on and trade our system, anyway. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. So if you are NOT sure you want true, lifestyle trading, just avoid making the purchase in the first place. But once you buy it, it's yours ... to either trade and participate in our community in our secret Facebook group, or to never trade at all.

Yes, we CAN make MORE profit with our ShredderFX system, but we cannot have the true lifestyle for which a 4-Hour closed candle based system can bring. So if BOTH pips and a life are important to you, you will love our Lifestyle-FX 4-Hour trading system.

The other reason many traders buy our Lifestyle-FX system is to bring them pips and fun WHILE they are learning other systems. There's nothing like a simple system, with alerts, with a trader community, with consistent results, to compliment or augment an existing trading effort. Just don't mix the two results together ... you'll want to see and enjoy the pips you make with Lifestyle-FX and our 4-Hour way of trading just by themselves.

Time to separate the men from the wanna-be boy traders (no offense to female traders, just a figure of speech, LOL). If you are truly ready for consistent pips month-in-and-month-out, to be a trader and still have a life, you'll know what to do with the button below.


Welcome letter, training details, and information about our secret Facebook community, will be emailed within 24-hours of payment.



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