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I've been trading and coaching for nearly 16 years, I absolutely love trading and have a passion to help others learn the same . But as much a trader and coach, I am an innovator. My efforts through decades have led to pioneering new technologies in the financial software market space (including a PC Magazine Editor's Choice Award Winner) ... the most notable, and recent, is the creation of Harmonic Wave Convergence (a discovery, more than a creation), As I have been coaching since 2004, I have seen literally thousands of places to get a trader's education, and I have learned that as with humans and their diversities, traders and their backgrounds are much the same. I don't care where you are from, or where you learned, all I care about are your dreams, determination, and discipline, for with those attributes, we can make magic happen.

My focus in recent years has been to create a new paradigm for traders ... one that makes sense, is based on the real math in trading, and lends itself to foster a trading reality that is truly aligned with your head-game growth. You can learn great systems from 3%-ers, but often cannot duplicate them, as their head-game is not your head-game. So, for the last 10 years, I've taken a deep-dive into the world of neuroscience, the anatomy and physiology of what actually drives human behavior and every action we take. It's been a revealing journey, and one that is 100% very much applicable to the evolving trader. That science and its control over trading success is heavily incorporated into what I trade and how I teach. In this sense, being a DisruptiveTrader is all about being innovative, pioneering new trading paths to potentially create greater success than available in traditional methods. It's what I've done for the last 13 or so years of my 16 years of trading. Being Disruptive means you pro-actively work on eliminating fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs. It means being your own superhero and best friend, rather than allowing your subconscious mind to convince you that you are a victim. There are no victims in this sense, only volunteers. But, before you go too far in taking your existing opinion of what being a DisruptiveTrader may really mean, please read The DisruptiveTraders Manifesto

But make no mistake, I am just one dude who loves to trade and sharing my trading insight, for those who care to listen. It's surely not right for everyone, and I recognize an abundant Universe, there may be things that resonate stronger with you or help you more as a trader (I doubt it, LOL, but I do recognize it). make no guru claims, as there are thousands who have deeper and broader knowledge than me, they just haven't yet gone through the stargate to the new paradigm, where the reality of trading is in another dimension (hence, "new paradigm). I am NOT a licensed, professional financial adviser. I do not give investment advice, make trade recommendations, offer trade signals, or even give you, "Enter at this price, place your stop here, take profit there" recommendations, as even in the most innocent of circumstances, the regulatory oversight authoritiews that govern the markets I trade here in the USA (SEC, NFA, CFTC, etc.) will find it a potential violation or infraction of their rules. You will not see me bragging about pips gained, return-on-account, or dollars gained from trading. As an educator, those same oversight authorities can readily claim that is nothing more than "enticement" to have you acquire any of my offerings. If you still think tools are the magic, just stop reading right now. YOU are the creator of your success. Because I havce great trades, or bad trades, in now way is reflective of what you may do or achieve using the very same tools. It's just our reality, and the sooner you stop looking for Roger Bannister to break the 4:00-minute mile, the sooner you will be able to take the limits off of YOUR potential. Even as an educator, I do not recommend entries and exits, but I will show you tools that you can use that allow YOU to make those decisions. In terms of providers who do have such services or offerings, even if I recommend those companies or use them myself, the risk associated with their doing so is between you and them. Just sayin'.

So until this site evolves over the next several weeks, I would like to share some information with you.

The Disruptive Traders Road Map:
This PDF offers greater detail about what I am returning to in regards to Forex education and tools. It also has a road map that shows four potential lanes and how you can move through them, if you so choose, It also has my Disruptive Traders Manifesto, which I co-wrote with my empowerment junky content partner. She's not a trader (yet), but she is brilliant on the head-game stuff. I include a link to one of her recent "my story" videos, that will strengthen your belief in achieving your goals, just as she manifested her childhood dreams.

Here is a feature-comparrison between the old and new paradigm of trading.

A Word About Forex MLM's: I started my trader education with the first Forex MLM, FX Trainer, 16 years ago. If you are in a Forex MLM and they have training, I'd wholeheartedly recommend you continue there and expand your education. I'm not about creating "either or" situations for traders, learning to trade is challenging enough. And I sincerely believe in the life skill of knowing how to trade. That being said, I also know today's market for trader offerings is diverse, and no one company has all the solutions that meet all the needs of all traders. But take full advantage of the resources your company may have, if that's the path you desire. I'm not only okay with that, I encourage that. But for sure, if you have invested in a company with your money and tiime, take advantage of what they have. "Either or" mentality is a mentality of the poor. The wealthy do not think like that. So, stay your course, get your basics down. In the end, there really are no competing MLMs that I am aware of today, each one has their strengths and their respective demographic target markets. So the nonsense and middle-school drama you may observe on social media is just that. Inevitably, when someone resorts to bashing and hatred towards others, it is driven by their own insecurities, fears, and self-limiting beliefs, more than anything else ... as well as a complete lack of understanding of Universal abundance. It's cool to be loyal and supportive to your company, but you can also be polite, respectful, and professional, and wish everyone success in their chosen endeavors. If you do not come from a place of true love and compassion, we aren't in the same circles.

Harmonic Pattern Scanners: If you are in IML, you already have access to a good harmonic pattern scanner, included in your general membership. I've used that scanner for years, traded my personal strategies around that scanner. It does just what you need, it generates ample patterns for Charlie Delta trading. Also, there are an abundant amount of educators at IML that feature the scanner in their trading. The tools are there, if you just use them, for harmonic pattern trading mastery. Newer and traders interested in harmonic patterns at IML should visit Chance and  Samantha, they are great traders, have big hearts for serving others, and have pattern trading techniques down. Way down!!! As I say, take advantage of the resources you have in your inventory before looking elsewhere! For those traders not in IML, there are numerous scanners in the marketplace, the one I will focus on is  web-based (with an MT4 option) and is found here.

Traders Mindset Mastery Podcast:  I've been teaching and talking the head-game for traders for years. Having grown up in the old trading paradigm and converting to the new paradigm of trading, I see the vast differences in the psychology required for each. Combine that with my degree in industrial psychology and a 30+ year immersion into self-development, with a heavy emphasis the last decade on neuroscience, and you have the perfect-storm for some good head-game insight. The Traders Mindset Mastery Podcast will start the second week in February, and while the podcast site isn't up yet, it will be soon at TradersMindsetMastery.com

For a more general (not specific to trading) look into personal growth and empowerment, be sure to be part of my Next Level Seekers Facebook Group. All things self-development in the personal evolution revolution, will start there. And a HUGE product coming out in March 2019 will be DisruptiveDiscoveries. I can't wait for you to get your hands on that free offering that will totally amp-up  your self-development game!

DisruptiveTraders Forex Scans, Forks, Fibo's, & Waveology Facebook Group:  Seriously, this is my go-to place for all traders, from all backgrounds, to be in community. Right now I have about 25 coaches/admins to help you there for your trading growth. Again, I don't care about your background, it is a great place to learn and explore, regardless of what company you align with today. We have FB LIVES coming up for trading insight, and there is just awesome trading sharing  taking place there. There's a large, existing,  video library there, access to free custom indicators, and more. If not already a member, you should be. Set notifications on, and visit the group at least twice each day for notices and alerts.

Ongoing LIVE training and support is found on DisruptiveTraders-TV.  Right now, the schedule is Monday & Wednesday at 5:00 PM Eastern. The schedule and login details are routinely posted in the above Facebook Group.

The Lure of Shiny Objects (SOS - Shiny Object Syndrome): The biggest danger for any trader are distractions. A trader is often tempted with them, out of their frustration with their progress in their own current trading endeavors. This type of distraction can totally destroy a trader's progress. But there are times, when proper research is done, that pursuits outside current efforts can be game changers. I was hearing strong negative rumors about this AI software that is being mentioned more and more on social media. And those that know me, know that I have talked down trading bots for a decade (and I mean "strongly" so). My thinking was like many old-school traders, "No thank-you, I feel that's not for real traders, and additionally, it is dangerous, I'd rather just trade for myself: But my shrugging it off, was nothing more than a RAS flaw (RAS - Reticular Activating System - one of our sensory information gateway processors that literally dominates our trading game). I just felt it wasn't something I'd really want to look at in this point of my trading journey, considering my life mission in helping traders learn a real life skill. But a trusted party asked me my opinion, and after I shared my (very negative) thoughts, they asked me if I had actually SEEN IT up close and personal. I hadn't, and merely allowed my existing beliefs to dictate my sentiment and actions. So I saw a demonstration, and instantly my mind was spinning. You see, I am totally a "do the math" believer and preacher. I found the reality of this particular "expert adviser" software, with its true artificial intelligence approach, can totally accelerate a trader in several ways. First, for a trader already trading live money, this software has the potential to allow them to ADD to their existing trading account routinely, super accelerating the exponential growth that account may have. As an example, a trader who starts with a $5000 account balance and earns 1% return per day for 5-days a week, and adds just $2500 to their actively traded account after 6 months, will literally raise the total compounded account by nearly $700,000 in 24 months. All hypothetical to pull off (but the numbers and the math in compounding are very real). Of course, in maintaining 1% growth per day in your manually traded account, we must remember that past performances do not guarantee future results***. But the magnitude of the math was staggering. Now, you don't need artificial intelligence to pull from your savings and add-to an existing account, as you can achieve the same kind of super growth by merely routinely adding money to a successfully active traded broker account ... but in a family with tight budgets, finding that $2500 to add in 6 months can be very challenging. So, if an AI software can deliver true positive and  passive cash flow, for someone who is already trading, it can be a game changer. The  possibilities are endless, but indeed, this type of AI-based trading, passively, is not for everyone. But do realize,  you minimize risk by pulling profits monthly (other AI software you can let compound), so the myths of account destruction are just that, after the first  month. My advice would be not to make the  mistake I made, and that was to let OTHERS influence MY thinking. I'll be  posting a video here shortly regarding "the math in trading", but if you have a curiosity about AI software, contact me SteveGregor@PipClub.com.

TradingView Charts: Everything I do is pretty much done on TradingView charts. My trading, my teaching, my harmonic pattern scanner. I've been on various charting platforms over the last 16 years, and I personally believe TradingView is the full-featured solution for every Forex, Crypto, metals, etc. trader. Check them out,  and if you go with TradingView, I'd recommend at least the Pro+ version. Use this link to explore or start your TradingView subscription.

Pitchfork Mastery Course, FAST33, TAB29, Charlie Delta, and existing public indicators (that require an enable code):
More details and info coming here soon. In the meantime, direct any questions to 
me at  SteveGregor@PipClub.com.



"Surround yourself with people that push you to do better.
No drama or negativity. Just higher goals and motivation.
Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or hate.
Simply bringing out the absolute best in each other."

- Warren Buffet


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